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     The first lectures in psychiatry to set up in 1840 at the Kiev Medical School University of St. Vladimir. Course therapy read student of S.P. Botkin - associate professor V.T. Pokrovsky, and later professor F.F. Erhard, who in 1854 headed the Department of State likareznavstva and also worked as a consultant St. Cyril charitable institutions. F.F. Erhard had publications of Forensic Psychiatry.

    In 1885, the Department of systematic clinical study of mental illness was created Department of Psychiatry and Nervous diseases. Its first head was Professor I.O. Sikorsky (1845-1919), who made significant contributions to the study of mental disorders in children, published a book "About education in the first age of childhood" (1882) and the fundamental monograph "General psychopathology with physiognomic" (1904), published the textbook "Fundamentals and clinical theoretical medicine "(1910), and numerous articles on alcoholism, psychogenic diseases etc. Since 1895 I.O. Sikorsky supervised release in Kiev of "Questions of nervous and psychical medicine", was the organizer and head of the psychiatric association in our university, studied the problem of "psychopathic epidemics," questions of psychotherapy and psychohygiene. In 1903, he headed an independent department of psychiatry after separation of the department of neurology. For some time the head of department was Professor V. Seletsky – former student of I.O. Sikorsky, author of more than 60 works.

    In 1920-1924 the Department of psychiatry in Kiev medical institute, which in 1921 separated from the University of St. Vladimir, headed by Professor P.I. Nechai, who has long worked as head of St. Cyril psychiatric hospital.

     Since 1925, the department was headed by Professor V. Hakkebush (1887-1931), who previously had lead the department of forensic psychiatry and law faculty of the Kiev economy institute of, and was the founder (with B. Mankowsky) Kiev State neuropsychiatry institute, an excellent clinician, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, published "The course of forensic psychopathology" ( 1928), a monograph on cerebrotraumatic  disorders, described the disease of Hakkebush-Heyer-Heymanovych. Under his co-edition from 1925 to 1931 in Kiev was published journal "Modern psyhoneurologics."

     Later (1931-1932) lectures on psychiatry at the Kiev medical institute delivered Professor E.A. Kopystynsky (1879-1967), who from 1936 to 1941 was also headed the Department of Psychiatry, created at thay time of the 2nd Kiev Medical Institute. He is author of more than one hundred publications on the history of psychiatry, mental health care organization, epilepsy, treatment of mental disorders, the first textbook on psychiatry and nervous diseases in the Ukrainian language.

    In 1932, the department of psychiatry led and managed till 1975, Professor Y.P. Frumkin (1902-1978). Author of over than 150 scientific publications, including 5 monographs, textbooks and manuals ("Psychiatric terminology", 1939; "Brief differential diagnostics of some mental diseases," 1950; "Educational psychiatric atlas", 1962; etc.). in which first described such clinical concepts as "undetermined type of affect" (in schizophrenia), "concordance principle" of psychopathological symptoms, detailed clinical forms of epilepsy and types of epileptic dementia, clinic of atherosclerotic hallucinosis, "trace mechanisms in psychopathological formation", "sharp psychopathic states"," Frumkin`s triad "(in schizophrenia). Under the guidance (advice) of Y.P. Frumkin were written 9 doctors, 38 candidate’s dissertations. His students led by the institutes psychiatric departments and the departments of Scientific-research institutes in many regions of Ukraine. Honored Worker of Science of USSR (1964).

    Y.P. Frumkin`s apprentice was Professor G.L.Voronkov (1923-1992), who from first to last day was fronts Great Patriotic War ordinary, then Guard sergeant of artillery of the Soviet army. In 1945, the Victory Parade in Moscow threw captured Third Reich signs on the Red Square sett. Later his way was from student to head the department of psychiatry (1975 – 1991 years) in Kiev medical institute named after Bogomolets. He deeply studied the early diagnosis of epilepsy, especially its beginning forms, developed the original method of electroencephalography for the study absences attacks. Important is also his works on pathomorphosis of mental diseases, alcoholism, symptomatic psychoses, rehabilitation, and mental health care organization. He wrote nearly 100 scientific publications: «Educational psychiatric atlas" (1962) "Phychiatric Handbook" (1990) and many others. He was awarded the Order of Great Patriotic War I and II degrees, third degree of Glory Order and medals. Winner Prize of Acad. V.P. Protopopov.

    Since 1991 he has been holding the post of head of department of Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor O.K. Napryeyenko (born in 1950). Professor Napryeyenko in 1973 graduated from Kyiv medical institute, worked at the ambulance station in Kiev, was an intern in Bakhmach, worked as chief physician and therapist in a district rural hospital Chernihiv region, and psychotherapist at the Republican sexopathology center at the Kiev institute of urology . In 1981 he obtained his dissertation on the problem of border mental disorders in patients with sexual pathology. Since 1986 - Assistant, since 1989 - Associate Professor of Psychiatry of the Kiev medical institute named after O.O. Bogomolets (now the National medical university named after O.O. Bohomolets). In 1991 he obtained his doctoral dissertation "Non-psychotic mental disorders in orthopedic diseases" and became head of the department, in 1992 had got to professor in 2004 - the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine.

     Since 1998 - Chief psychiatrist of Ukrainian Health Ministry. Chairman of the Kyiv Regional Society of Psychiatrists, psychologists and narcologists, presidium member of the Society of neurologists, psychiatrists and narcologists of Ukraine, member of the Council in International Association of Emergency (extreme) psychiatry. He founded and became editor of scientific and practical journal "Psychiatry and Neurology" (2006), a member of the editorial boards of several other professional journals. Member of Expert Council  in Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine (1999-2002). Co-Chairman of the expert committee of the State Pharmaceutical Center of Ukrainian Health Ministry.

     Develops traditional theoretical, scientific and practical problems of psychiatry, regarding the basic forms of mental disorders. Founder and co-founder of scientific areas such as psychosomatic medicine and ecological psychiatry. Actively exploring the issue of emergency (extreme) psychiatry, personality-oriented psychodiagnostic and psychotherapy of mental health services and others. He made a significant contribution to the preparation of the first Ukrainian Law "About Psychiatric Care" (2000) and 30 subsequent legal documents. Author of over 240 scientific publications including 17 monographs, teaching and clinical manuals, reference books, including monographs "Psychical self-regulation" (O.K. Napryeyenko, K.O. Petrov, 1995), "Ecological psychiatry" (O.K. Napryeyenko, K.N. Loganovsky, 1997), the first fundamental Ukrainian textbook "Psychiatry" (edited by Prof. O.K. Napryeyenko, 2001).

     Under the guidance (advice) of O.K. Napryeyenko were obtained 4 doctors and 16 candidates dissertations. He was awarded the Order of St. Agapitos Pechersky, diplomas of Ukrainian Health Ministry, Kyiv mayor and other insignia of various government departments.

    Learning and Teaching work

     At all faculties of the university department is mandatory types of educational work under the existing training programs in psychiatry and medical psychology. In addition, elective courses are conducted on "Sexology" and "Alcoholism, narco- and toxycomany" for students of 4-5 courses and instruction for students of sexology 6 courses.

     The experience of the department is reflected in the following editions:

     - Chapters education and clinical guidelines "Disaster Medicine" (1993, 1999), "Prevention in primary health care structures" (1999), "Criteria for diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and behavior disorders in adults" (co-aut., 2000), "The criteria for diagnosis and treatment guidelines psychological disorders in children and adolescents" co-aut., 2001), "Practice in Psychology" (co-aut., 2001), "Principles of Psychology and Pedagogy" (co-aut., 2004);

     - In educational programs for students in higher educational institutions III-IV accreditation levels of psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology (1994), pathopsychology (2002), Fundamentals of medical psychology (2002), medical support manufacturing practice (2002), approved by the Ministry of Health and Education of Ukraine ;

     - And in a variety of articles and abstracts on the methodology of teaching psychiatry, clinical psychology and sexology. For academic work in the last 20 years corresponds PhD, Associate Professor G.I. Selyukov for educational and methodical - PhD, Associate Professor N.P. Otroshchenko.


      In the last decade, the department developed scientific themes in the following areas:

    -         patoplastic factors in the major forms of mental pathology; optimize therapy of these disorders considering various types of modern pathomorphosis; randomized, twins blind, placebo-controlled, with parallel groups multycentre test the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of new drugs for treatment schizophrenia, depression, dementia, cognitive disorders, sleep disorders, organic brain lesions, epilepsy, etc..

    -         In order to minimize health consequences of Chernobyl disaster systematize psychiatric disorders including radiation, psychological and somatic factors, developed a system of differential diagnosis, therapy and medical and social rehabilitation of victims of the Chernobyl accident.

    All staff of the department of science degree.

      Responsible for the scientific work of the department in recent years is PhD, V.V. Babich

    Student Scientific Circle

     Student research society of psychiatry at the Department works with 1948. Its first director was Associate Professor I.Y. Zavilyansky. Later the group was headed by - Prof. G.L. Voronkov, Associate Professors I.D. Shevchuk, V.I. Horosh, G.I. Selyukov, Assistant O.I. Benesko. The idea of ​​the circle - In-depth training of hospital and scientific personnel in the field of psychiatry.

     The main trends of the circle: students study the basic forms of mental illness (schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolar affective disorder, borderline mental disorders and others), the question of narcology and elderly age psychoses, psychosomatic medicine and mental health consequences of natural and man-made disasters.

     Generally, members of the circle made more than 430 scientific works. Since 2006, the group headed by PhD Associate Professor P.Y. Duplenko. Repeatedly students of the circle received prizes in representative scientific conferences and competitions for future specialists. Students T.E. Marchuk, S.M. Makarenko, O.E. Semenov became laureates of the International Prize of Balint (Switzerland) for the best student scientific work in the field of psychosomatic and social medicine, made under the guidance of Prof. O.K. Napryeyenko.

    Clinical work

     All teachers of the department have higher medical certification category: - Professors O.K. Napryeyenko and M.I. Boyko, Associate Professors G.I. Selyukov, N.P. Otroshenko, V.O. Procyk, P.Y. Duplenko; assistants A.B. Karachevsky, A.I. Bursa, V.V. Babich. The clinical base of the chair is Kyiv City Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital № 1: departments # 1, 4, 19 (City Center "Epilepsy"), 27 (City Center Medical of Psychology and Psychotherapy).

     Over the last five years in basic clinical departments with chair staff consulted and treated about 8,000 patients. In the practice of health care introduced by the department are developed and co-medical approaches: differential use of atypical antipsychotics scheme, selective antidepressants, hypnotics and other drugs; diagnostics, treatment and prevention of depressive disorders according to the current patoplastic factors; overcome pharmacological resistance of mental disorders; a group dynamic (analytic) psychotherapy in a psychiatric hospital; classification of mental disorders and mental examination of disability in affected by the Chernobyl disaster etc. Prepared and conducted eight scientific conferences. In recent years responsibility for clinical work at the department is PhD A.I. Bursa.

    Extracurricular activities

     Traditional measures is to familiarize students with the cultural heritage of Ukraine, history of department, life and professional activities of prominent doctors of the past and present. This made reports by different topics, visits to museums and other historical monuments. Different conversations about the superiority of healthy life, origin and prevention of mental disorders, dangers of smoking, risk the consequences of alcohol and drugs are held. Students take part in scientific conferences, work in public organizations, student's self-care for the graves of former teachers of the department, etc.

     The forms of educational work also includes training and conferences: "Students Against Drugs," "Society and mental illness," etc., the creative participation of students in the preparation of stands and other visual aids department.

     Outstanding events in the life of the department and relevant educational activities for students are conducted under the guidance of Head of Department Professor O.K.Napryeyenko scientific-practical conference dedicated to 100th anniversary of the distinguished native psychiatrist Professor Y.P. Frumkin and the 80th anniversary of Professor G.L. Voronkov, National Jubilee Conference "100 Anniversary of the Psychiatric Department of NMU", publication and transfer to Ukraine universities libraries monograph of O.K. Napryeyenko (2003) "History of Psychiatry Chair of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets (100 years)." The Department takes an active part in the preparation of measures for the celebration of 170th anniversary of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets (September 2011). For extracullicular activities to the department responsible PhD, Associate Professor N.P. Otroshchenko.


    NAPRYEYENKO Alexander Konstantinovich

    - MD (1991), Professor (1992), Honored Scientist of Ukraine (2004), Chairman of Psychiatry and narcology department (1991) of  National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets.


    From 1997-2000 - Member of Expert Council  in Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine. 1998-2005 years – Chief-psychiatrist of Ukrainian Health Ministry. Since 2005 - member expert committee of neurotropic agents of the State Pharmaceutical Center in Ukrainian Health Ministry. Since 2010 - Chairman of the Problem Commission "Psychiatry" in Ukrainian Health Ministry and NAMS, member of the Council of Scientific Research and Analysis Centre for medicinal products based on nano- and other new technologies, NAS of Ukraine. Member of the editorial boards of several professional journals.


    He has authored about 280 published scientific works on psychiatry, narcology and related specialties, including 4 books, 7 textbooks, 6 monographs, 4 clinical manuals, guides and workshops, over 25 articles in leading medical journals and abstracts for journals abroad, 2 state standards of medical care, 2 state forms of medicines and so on. In these works reflected the results of research and experience of medical care for the main forms of psychotic and non-psychotic pathology. In developing these traditional problems of psychiatry is a founder of priority for the national medical scientific and practical direction - "ecological psychiatry." Considerable attention to the development of psychosomatic medicine and personality-oriented psychotherapy. Spoke with scientific reports on congresses and conferences in Russia, USA, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Holland and other countries. Co-author of the first Ukrainian Law "About Psychiatric Care" (2000), a variety documents relating to its implementation. Co-author of 4 of the current teaching programs for higher educational institutions III-IV levels of accreditation. Prepared by four doctors and 16 candidates.

    Member of the Presidium of the Board of the Society of neurologists, psychiatrists and narcologists, chairman of Kyiv Regional Society of psychiatrists, narcologists, and medical psychologists, a member of the International Association of Emergency (extremal) psychiatry.

    He was awarded the Order of St. Agapitos Pechersky, diplomas of Ukrainian Health Ministry, Kyiv mayor and other insignia of various government departments.

    Associate Professor SELYUKOV George I.: 

    - In 1972 graduated with honors from the medical faculty of the Kiev Medical Institute and is recorded in the KMI`s "Golden Book of Honor". After graduating from aspiranture since 1975 until 1992 he had been working as an assistant chair of psychiatry, and in June 1992 he was elected to the position Associate Professor of National Medical University. This year is the same charge of educational work at the department. In June 1993 he was awarded the academic title of "Associate Professor ". In 1998 elected a member of the European Academy of epilepsy. In 1990 he obtaineded his dissertation on the specialty "psychiatry". In 1997-1998 – chief-psychiatrist HUOZ Kyiv. Member of the Ukrainian League Against Epilersy, a member of the editorial board of journal "Bulletin of epileptology." Participant of many international congresses, conferences and Congresses in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine. Expert IOP with physical methods of the brain examination. Curator of medical interns in the specialty "psychiatry." Instructor elective course "Sexology" for NMU students, clinical psychologists in Institute of Postgraduate Studies Kiev Natinal University named after Shevchenko and medical sexologists. Psychotherapist of the higher medical certification category; psychiatrist of higher medical certification category. For 10 years a consultant in the internet for many medical portals on psychotherapy and sexology.

    Personal Website http://selyukov.ucoz.net/


    Associate Professor Valentina O. PROCIC:


    - 1954 Born, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of psychiatry and narcology department in National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets. In 1977 she graduated with honors from the Vinnitsa Medical Institute named after M.I. Pirogov. She worked as a psychiatrist in KOPNL # 2. Since 1989, serving as an assistant, and since 2004 - Associate Professor of psychiatry and narcology department in National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets. Deliveres selected lectures, conducts workshops in psychiatry and medical psychology, provides the final module control knowledge, take exams, consults. In her heritage - a poster for lectures, preparation of teaching materials, theses lectures, questions for knowledge testing, situational problems, curator of the introduction of credit-modular system of educational process at the Medical Faculty # 2.


        Ph.D. thesis on "Suicidal manifestations in mental disorders in persons over 45 years" defended in 1992. Published 53 research works. Research devoted to the problem suicidal behavior, treatment of depression, the impact patoplastic factors in the basic forms of mental pathology, efficacy and tolerability of modern psyhofarmakotherapy of schizophrenia and affective disorders with concomitant exogenously-organic pathology. Has the innovation: "A method of treating depression.” Patent UA13787A, A61N1 1 / 30, 4/25/97 (Dziub G.K., Hryazyev S.A. et al.). From 1997 to 2009 was responsible executor five state budget and 12 self-supporting scientific-research works.


         Psychiatrist of higher medical certification category, provides medical diagnostic and advisory work, conducts clinical conferences with analysis of patients in KCKPNH # 1. Participates in conferences and symposiums of different levels: Procic V.A. "The suicidal behavior in depressive elderly patients" / / The Regional Symposium of WPA (Prague, 1995); Procic V.A. A significance of the family therapy for suicidal behavior prophylaxis in elderly patients suffering neuroses liked disorders / / First World Congress on Psychotherapy. - Vienna, 1996 .- P.32


        Had a clinical training in psychiatry in Austria Salzburg - Kornelivskomu Seminar (Salzburg, 1997), regularly raises the qualification at the Department of Psychiatry NMAPE named after P.L. Shupyk, took part in the educational program of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama with Gestalt counseling / therapy (Kyiv, 2003), the International workshop in Greece (Athens, 2005), Bulgaria (Sofia, 2009), GCP - training et al. Has an experience in international multicenter randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials of medicines as co-investigator, coordinator of research, rater.


    Associate Professor DUPLENKO Paul Y.:


    Duplenko Paul Y., 1960 born, PhD, Associate Professor of psychiatry and narcology department,     psychiatrist of higher medical certification category, curator of the student scientific circle.

    He graduated from the medical faculty of Kiev Medical Institute in 1983.

    Since 1993 has PhD degree, thesis "Psychophysiological characteristics of persons with chronically alcohol intoxication"; author of 47 scientific works.


    Assistant BURSA Andrii I.:


    1997 - graduated from the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets.

    From 1997 to 2005 worked as a psychiatrist in Kyiv City Clinical Psychiatric Hospital # 1

    Since 2005 he has been working as an assistant of the department of psychiatry and narcology in  National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomolets.

    In 2008 he obtained his dissertation for the PhD degree "Autoagressive behavior at old age patients with organic depressive disorder (clinic, diagnostics, therapy, prophylactics)."

    Psychiatrist of higher medical certification category.

    Responsible for the clinical work of the department and English learning students.


    Assistant BABYCH Viktoria V.:


    Victoria V. Babich, 1969 born, PhD, psychiatrist of higher medical certification category, medical psychologist, psychotherapist.

    Graduated from Ukraine Poltava Medical Stomatological Academy in 1996, medical faculty.

    Since 2008 has PhD degree, thesis "Psychotherapy in the complete treatment of in patients with acute myocardial infarction", the author of 23 scientific works.


    Assistant KARACHEVSKY Andrew B.:


    - PhD, psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist.

    Assistant in department of psychiatry and narcology, National Medical University named after  Bogomolets.

    Associate Professor of pediatric, social and forensic psychiatry department, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L.Shupyk.

    Program manager of dependent’s therapy in Vydubitskiy rehabilitation center.

    Personal Website: www.karachevskiy.kiev.ua

    Research experience - 18 years.

    Teaching experience - 15 years.

    November 1, 1999 obtaineded his dissertation on "Psychopathological manifestations, typology and prognosis of opium withdrawal symptoms, and therapy of it."

    Published: 25 published scientific works, 5 scientific and popular articles, 4 methodical recommendations, reports of abstracts at scientific conferences.

    Personal Website http://www.karachevskiy.kiev.ua/ 

    Main field of interests: promotion of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy in Ukraine, research on the effectiveness of psychosocial rehabilitation on opium dependents, introduction of scientific evidence-based treatments for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction.